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LAB/HEX LIS Features

LAB/HEX Laboratory Information System is modular with many features and options available because not all laboratories are alike. At HEX, we provide flexibility and options so your LAB/HEX system is configured for your specific needs. Below are just a few of the many features and modules available with LAB/HEX Laboratory Information Systems. Some of these features are standard and others are optional. Please contact HEX for details on your specific needs or if you need something and don't see it here. We are adding new items all of the time and we are always willing to customize something for you - all for a reasonable cost. 

Order Entry 
Flexibility and tools to manage your work...  

  • Manual order entry, or ...
  • Electronically by interface via web module or by EMR/PMS/HIS/LIS interfaces
  • All patient demographics retained for future use
  • Test Scheduling and Standing Orders can be defined for future orders
  • Requistions and labels can be printed with all necessary information
  • Collective lists, phlebotomist and collection/route reports
  • Barcode Label printing for positive ID safeguards and to facilitate analyzer interfaces
  • Specimen Storage Module for easy locator, check out and retrieval

Result Reports 
Provide reports in the format your client wants - quickly and accurately... 

  • Patient result reports are customizable, multiple formats supported
  • Auto Delivery via fax, remote printer, local printer, email, Internet or interfaces
  • Clients can have multiple delivery destinations and options
  • Cumulative and graphical reports available
  • Image capture and result report

Save time, reduce errors and get results out quicker with interfaces...

Instrument interfaces

    • Unidirectional
    • Bidirectional
    • Host Query 

System Interfaces  - HL7, ASTM, Proprietary

    • Hospital Systems (Demographics and Charges)
    • Practice Management Systems (Demographics and Charges)
    • Electronic Medical Records (Orders and Results)
    • Reference Laboratories (Orders and Results)
    • Any System (Demographics, Orders, Results, Charges)
    • Other Available Upon Request

LabCentral web based Orders & Results  
Access to patient results from any where, any time via Internet...

  • Look up and print patient results from any computer with Internet access
  • Orders can be placed for laboratory work
  • Requistion can be printed to send with specimen to the lab
  • Print all new result reports or an individual patient report
  • Encrypted and password protected to meet HIPAA security standards
  • Results are sent from LIS to LabCentral automatically

Medical Necessity Module  
Increase revenue with solutions to eliminate rejected claims and non-payment...

  • Medical Necessity checking during Order Entry
  • Checks for properly matched Diagnosis Codes & CPT codes
  • National and Local Coverage Determination Files imported
  • Checks for frequency restricted tests
  • Checks for Research Use Only (RUO) and Investigation Use Only (IUO) Tests
  • Alerts for managed care contracts
  • Generates and tracks ABN when appropriate
  • Scanning Module to scan, store and retrieve ABN forms

HEX Billing will improve your cash flow and reduce errors...

  • Integrated with LAB/HEX LIS, eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Interfaces to another system: LIS, HIS, PMS
  • Interface your LAB/HEX LIS to another Billing system, all billing data is available
  • For more information, see HEX Billing and Cash Management System
  • Settings for multiple Rendering Providers, multiple business entities, and more

Microbiology, Cytology and Pathology  
Standard in the basic LAB/HEX system...

  • Narrative resulting needs for Micro, Cyto and Pathology is standard in LAB/HEX
  • User definable result lines and tables for quick, easy result entry
  • User definable worksheets to eliminate paper
  • Word Processing for Pathology
  • Capture of narrative results from analyzer or reference lab interfaces
  • Eltectronic Signature
  • Flexible use for other result types such as Kidney Stone analysis or other
  • Epidemiology and Antiobiogram Reports
  • PAP Statistics Reports

MultiLocation Module  
Manage Laboratories with multiple testing locations easily and economically...

  • Manage and operate multiple testing locations that are a single business
  • Defines tests and interfaces by site
  • Security settings for each users and their allowed locations
  • Routes test orders to proper testing location
  • Management can view all sites to review pendings and other status reports

Quality Control  
User definable rules, setup and reports provide easy QC management...

  • Westgard rules, multirules, and subrules
  • Levey-Jennings graphs with mean and SD
  • User definable materials with applicable dates
  • Multiple materials supported for cross over studies
  • Auto capture of QC values via analyzer interfaces

Molecular Diagnostics  
Special needs of molecular diagnostics and other specialty labs can be addressed with...

  • Flexible user-definable data files
  • Multiple and specialized result types
  • Custom Report Formats
  • Graphical Reports
  • Image Capture and Reporting
  • Integrated Billing
  • Complex analyzer interfaces
  • Internet orders and results

Nursing Home and Client Tools  
Tools to provide better client service and patient care...

  • Remote Orders, Inquiry and Result Delivery via Internet
  • Auto result delivery via Fax, Remote Print, Email, EMR Interface or Internet
  • Requisition Entry with Testing Scheduling, Standing Orders, Expired Test Reports and Draw Reports, Requistion Forms & Labels
  • Routes and Collective Lists
  • Abnormal Summary Reports
  • Epidemiology Reports
  • Patient Summary Reports for Part A
  • Trip Fee calculation and billing

All HEX Systems address security concerns and meet all regulatory requirements...

  • Multi-layered security features
  • User names and password for all systems and modules
  • Auto log off setting, user definable
  • Periodic prompt to change password
  • Audit Logs throughout the system tracking all activity
  • Encrypted data flow and SSL secured web portal
  • HIPAA compliant