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HEX Laboratory Systems
Encinitas, CA
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Get HEX . . . Software and service you can count on!

HEX OutReach

Easily and economically connect and manage your laboratory business with
HEX OutReach.

  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Reduce errors, save time, and improve efficiency
  • Increase profitability, speed up reimbursement
  • Successfully compete in reference lab marketplace


  • Web-based remote order entry, result inquiry, report delivery
  • Integration to PMS/HIS/EMR systems
  • Manage Patient Service Centers and Draw Stations
  • MultiLocation Module for multiple testing sites with specimen routing and tracking
  • HEX Billing and Cash Management (A/R) with Medical Necessity checking
  • Management tools and reports
  • Fully integrated with LAB/HEX lab software or any other LIS

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