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LAB/HEX LIS Overview

LAB/HEX is a robust comprehensive Laboratory Information System for any size and any type of laboratory. Since 1981, LAB/HEX has been providing laboratories with the tools they need to save time and money and provide quality results! LAB/HEX has the flexibility to handle the needs of both routine clinical laboratories and unique labs such as molecular diagnostic, veterinary and research, esoteric and speciality. 

Order Entry 
Standing Orders 
Reflexive Orders 
Medical Necessity 
ABN print and tracking
Bar Code Labels 
User Defined Data Files    
Analyzer Interfaces   
Manual Result Entry   
Management Reports  
Delta Checks   
Custom Report Formats   
Cumulative Reports   
Nursing Home Tools
Cytology & Pathology 
Quality Control 
Integrated Billing 
Electronic Billing 
Electronic Remittance 
Alternate Pricing Setup    
EMR/HIS/PMS Interfaces   
Reference Lab Interfaces   
Results by Fax, Remote Print, Email   
Web based Orders & Results   
HIPAA Compliant   
Onsite installation & training   
Software support & customer service
  • LAB/HEX can be easily and economically expanded - growing as your lab does. You cannot outgrow LAB/HEX!
  • EMR, PMS, HIS Interfaces provide electronic communication between clients and the laboratory.
  • LabCentral web module provides easy orders and results delivery via the Internet.
  • Free software upgrades provide the latest features and assure that you meet all regulatory requirements.

An excellent value, LAB/HEX LIS can provide the tools you need to save time and money - all for a reasonable price. Pricing for LAB/HEX ranges from $20K to $150K for a complete system with all necessary hardware, software, installation, training, and one year of software support included.