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LAB/HEX Molecular Diagnostics

LAB/HEX is a high-performance LIS with extensive flexibility to handle the needs of Molecular Diagnostics, Cytogenetics and other specialty laboratories.  Just a few of the features that provide this flexibility are . . .

  • User Definable Data Files                                   
  • Multiple Result Types
  • Narrative Resulting
  • User Defined Tables and Line Items for additional unique resulting needs
  • Custom Report Formats for Molecular, Kidney Stone Analysis, or other needs
  • Interfaces to Complex Analyzers
  • Image Capture and Reporting
  • Integrated Billing
  • LabCentral Web Portal for Remote Orders and Results
  • EMR, HIS, PMS and other System Interfaces

With all of these features as well as unlimited expandability, speed and reliability, LAB/HEX is a system you can count on.

For more information, please contact a HEX representative on our Contact Us or Request Info page.