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LAB/HEX Laboratory Information System
Comprehensive LIS that is fast, flexible and economical for all types of laboratories. LAB/HEX is ideal for those labs needing integrated billing. Interfaces with EMR, EHR, PMS, and HIS systems are also an important feature of LAB/HEX. With all modules needed for routine clinical laboratories, small and large, LAB/HEX also has features and flexibility for those labs with unique needs.

HEX Billing and Cash Management (A/R) System
HEX has provided medical laboratory billing software since 1981. HEX Billing and CM/AR System can be fully integrated with LAB/HEX LIS or interfaced to any other LIS or system to eliminate duplicate data entry, save time and reduce errors. Medical necessity, electronic billing, electronic posting and a wide range of financial reports are just a few tools that will increase revenues, decrease payment cycle and help manage your business.

LabCentral Web Orders & Results
LabCentral web module provides order entry and result delivery to your clients from any site with Internet access. LabCentral is fully secure and password protected, meeting HIPAA security standards. Intuitive and easy to use, your clients will find LabCentral a simple solution for remote order entry and result delivery.

HEX OutReach System & Tools
HEX has a combination of modules from all of the above systems available to manage your OutReach business and provide client tools. LabCentral provides remote order entry and result inquiry and delivery along with EMR/EHS/PMS interfaces options. Billing and Cash Management with Medical Necessity will assist in the financial side of the business. MultiLocation module is available for labs with multiple testing sites and/or draw stations. All of this can be integrated into a single system for a cost effective solution.