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HEX Billing & Cash Management

Fully integrated with LAB/HEX or interfaced to any LIS , HEX Billing and Cash Management System eliminates redundant data entry, reduces errors and saves money.  Control your money! Easy, fast and accurate with all the tools you need.

  • Save time by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Ensure accurate billing and prompt payment
  • Decrease re-filing using user-defined required fields and missing information reports

The Billing and Cash Management (Accounts Receivable) module can be operated as a stand-alone system, fully integrated within LAB/HEX or interfaced to another LIS.  Among the many features:

  • Patient and Client Accounts
  • Unlimited Bill Types
  • HICFA and other forms
  • Invoices and Statements
  • Required Fields by Bill Type
  • Missing Information Report
  • Alternate Pricing Schedules
  • Electronic Billing
  • Medical Necessity Checking
  • ANSI 5010 with ICD10
  • Statement Messages
  • Collection Letters
  • Batch Posting
  • Account Balances
  • Aging Reports
  • Transaction Journals
  • Salesman Commissions
  • Electronic Remittance
  • ABN Waiver Forms
  • Scanning, Storage and Retrieval  

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